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Admission requirements for the master’s study program in Sociology and Social Research

Admission to a master’s program is without exception on the basis of a subject-related bachelor’s degree or an equivalent qualification. However, you can apply for a study place even if you have not yet finished your first degree and are still in the final phase of your bachelor’s studies! The program is subject to restricted admission and there is a selection  procedure. You can find details of the selection procedure in the enrollment regulations for the study program.
Applications must be submitted online:
  • Initially, you can submit your online application for a study place without the need for officially certified documents.
  • Simply upload the requisite evidence in your online application as a pdf file.
  • You can at any time check the status of your application in the online portal.
  • You don’t have to submit officially certified paper documents to the University of Bremen until asked to do so.

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formal admission requirements:

  1. An undergraduate degree awarded in a social science study program or a degree course that exhibits no major differences in curriculum, scope or requirements and which carries at least 180 Credit Points (CPs) according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) or achievements that exhibit no major differences in content, scope or requirements, whereby the average overall grade at the time of application in not less than 2.5.

  2. At least 30 CP in the area of standardized and/or non-standardized evaluation and assessment methods of empirical social research, evidenced by graded examination results in courses with accordant contents.

  3. Competence in English corresponding at least to level B2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. This does not apply to applicants who obtained their university entrance qualification or their last university degree at an English language institution. N.B.: Abitur certificates only count as evidence of language competence if they explicitly state “Level B2”. If you have any further questions regarding language level, please contact the Foreign Language Center.

  4. Applicants who did not obtain their university entrance qualification from a German language institution or did not study for their first degree at a German language institution must provide evidence of competence in the German language in accordance with the latest version of “Ordnung über den Nachweis deutscher Sprachkenntnisse an der Universität Bremen” from Januar 25, 2012.

  5. A letter of Motivation stating reasons for wanting to study the program’s contents and methods as well as applicant’s special interest in the study program “Sociology und Social Research”.

Deadline for application

beginner: 31.05. for winter semester

advanced: 31.05. for winter semester and 15.01. for summer semester

Beginning of courses

Beginning of course for new student: winter semester

Beginning of course for advanced students: winter semester and summer semester

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