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Master Soziologie und Sozialforschung

The Master’s programme in Sociology and Social Research is designed for students who seek to deepen their knowledge of sociological theories, and acquire practical and methodological competencies in doing empirical social research. The course design offers project modules to ensure that students become familiar with all facets of current research. Key areas for specialization are:

  • Social relationsships, Networks and Integration

  • Institutionalised Inequality

An overarching focus is placed on life course research and longitudinal methodology; both approaches characterize the research profile of sociology at the University of Bremen.

Students on the master’s program acquire advanced knowledge of empirical social research. They concentrate on developing competences in scientific research. Graduates are awarded the academic title Master of Sociology und Social Research. They possess the requisite skill sets to carry out independent social research both in academia as well as in non-university research institutions.

The following pages contain information for master’s students and/or prospective students concerning the structure and content of studies as well as examinations and semester dates.

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